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What is CBD Fountain?

What is CBD Fountain?

CBD Fountain is our hemp cbd beauty and wellness company, based in central Oregon.  Unlike other CBD companies just trying to cash in on the green rush, the company sprung from my desire to help people feel better.


            Many years ago, I had a back injury from cheerleading that grew worse over time and took me from a healthy athlete to an invalid in six short months.  It was just a deep muscle pull but when you have that kind of injury, the body locks up to protect itself.  I developed sciatica and could not even get up out of a chair without pushing myself up, like an old lady.  I saw doctors who told me to take pain pills, chiropractors who aligned my spine but it wasn’t until I tried acupuncture and massage that I was finally healed.  I was angry that I had to suffer for months when there was a solution but I had to step out of my comfort zone to find that solution.  And not one of my doctors had suggested it. 


            This led me to learn at a young age that you have to advocate for your own health, trust your own body’s intuition and that western medicine does not have all the answers.


            Many years later, I decided to become a licensed body worker to help others feel better.  I knew what it was like to live with pain and I also knew massage and energy work were two powerful ways to work thought that, not to mention how it helps with stress and emotional well being.   


            I developed a private practice and did that for twelve years.  Now my back was never as bad after the initial injury, but it became a weak point in my body and if I didn’t take care of it, it would spasm on me.  And doing massage was very physical and sometimes, my back would go out on me.  It was during this time that I had come across a cannabis topical. I knew cannabis could help with a myriad of health issues and decided to try one.  It was expensive, smelled gross, was very sticky and unpleasant to apply.  The worst part was that it did relieve my pain.  Shortly thereafter, hemp CBD started to be a thing.  I heard it relieved pain better than THC and so, I decided to get some CBD oil and create a body lotion.


            But being the consummate skin care snob that I am (not ashamed at all!), I got some organic body lotion and added the oil along with some good quality lavender essential oil. I spread it all over my lower back.  After about twenty minutes, my back felt better. It didn’t feel numb, the pain that I was experiencing seemed to have melted away.  I thought it could all be in my head (though I wasn’t telling myself it was going to work…I had nothing invested in it at that point).  So I made some more and gave it to friends and family and massage clients to see if it would help them.


            I had a great group of people to test it on.  They all had different issues and different types of pain:  fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, bulging discs, torn meniscus and general aches and pains.  To my delight, EVERYONE felt better from my lotion.


            While this was really wonderful because I love helping people heal, I wanted to know WHY.  Why did this help? How did it work in the body?  It was research time.


            I was a biology nerd in high school.  Like, I really loved biology and even took AP Bio for fun.  So when I began reading about the endocannabinoid system and that we make cannabinoids in our body (endocannabinoids…CBD is a phytocannabinoid, same type of substance but from a plant), it all seemed to make sense.  There are no side effects (unless you are on medication, then you should always check with a doctor).  You can’t overdose on them.  I loved the information that had come out so far and a business was born.


            So that is our story.  The more I learned what CBD is good for, the more products I developed.  Welcome to our blog!