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Why You Should Never Buy CBD Mascara!

Why You Should Never Buy CBD Mascara!

CBD is everywhere now and seemingly in everything.  It’s in tinctures, pet products, facial care, water, candy, coffee, bath bombs and even shampoo.  I even saw an ad for CBD Mascara.  And when I saw this, I thought to myself, “Who would buy that?  Why put CBD, which can be pricy, into a product that would not even reach your endocannabinoid system. What a waste!”

CBD, while still being studied, is being show to help support health.  It is highly antioxidant which helps our cells repair themselves when they are damaged.  This high anti-oxidant benefit leads it to be highly anti-inflammatory.  Since chronic inflammation can be the precursor for disease, this is yet another example of how CBD helps the body fix itself.  Yet to get any of these benefits, you have to get the CBD to nerve cells, where it is used by endocannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system.  This happens through the skin with a topical, through the digestive system with an edible or through the lungs into the blood stream by vaping.  Applying CBD to your eyelashes?  Yah, that does nothing. 

            The creators of the product I saw touted that CBD oil is good for your lashes.  Maybe.  I have heard oils, particularly Castor Oil, can help lashes grow.  But would CBD oil be any better than castor or hemp seed oil?

Here is an important distinction:  Hemp Seed Oil, which is oil pressed from hemp seeds, is wonderfully rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids.  These are needed by your body and   Hemp Seed Oil is often sold as a supplement (I’ve used a supplement called Hemp Hearts, dried Hemp seeds that I add to smoothies and I love it).  It is used in body care products too as we need healthy fats in our system.  And it would be great in mascara.  But hemp seeds have no CBD.  Still beneficial, but not the same.  And not nearly as expensive.  This company is capitalizing on a fad.  I call it the CBD Mascara Effect. 

It doesn’t stop there.  My friend just showed me an ad from a Bed, Bath and Beyond catalogue for CBD.  I’m so happy that main stream stores, like Bed, Bath and Beyond are embracing Hemp CBD.  It removes the stigma from this wonderful gift from nature that helps our bodies heal themselves.  But what were they selling?  A CBD oil for a room diffuser.    Again, this is the CBD Mascara effect!  It was a small of CBD bottle mixed with fragrant essential oils that you would put in a diffuser to vaporize into your room.   While this may seem like a good idea (Inhaling CBD is the fastest way to get it into your system), it isn’t.  It is a waste of CBD because you will not be inhaling that much of it, if any at all.  It is going into the air.  You would have to probably stand over the diffuser with a towel on your head, inhaling consistently.  And even then, I’m skeptical.

A lot of companies out there are doing great things with CBD.  And a lot of companies out there are trying to get rich quick, putting CBD (or claiming they are) in products and wanting to take your money.  So, don’t fall prey to the CBD Mascara Effect: buying products that have CBD because it is hot right now and not really thinking through, does this make sense? Can my body utilize the CBD? 

My company was founded to help people and I get asked a lot of questions about our industry by our customers, one of which is “Which product should I use?”  So, we’ve compiled a quick tips list below on how to determine what types of CBD products are best for YOU and your family. (hint: it isn’t CBD Mascara)


Tip 1

  1. What am I looking to achieve with CBD?

Ask yourself what am I looking to achieve with CBD. 


Tip 2

  1. Which form of CBD should I take?

There are a few types of CBD oil out there:  CBD Crude oil or RSO, CBD Distillate and CBD Isolate.  The main points to understand here is that CBD Crude and CBD Distillate can have a naturally occurring .3% of THC in the oil.  We find this to work synergistically with CBD but if you get drug tested for your job, we recommend sticking with CBD Isolate.  CBD Fountain offers all of them in our various formulations.


Tip 3

  1. How should I take it?

There are three main ways to utilize CBD:  topically, edibly or by inhalation.  You can use one or all three to achieve your goal. 


If you are dealing with anything that involves the whole body or the brain and spine then you want to take an edible or use a vape to support those issues.  This is because you want to get the CBD to as many receptor sites throughout the body as possible. Vapes allow us to micro dose and to get the quickest effect.  Eating CBD will work too, but it will take longer to feel the effects. 


If you are dealing with a localized issue, then a topical would be most beneficial for immediate relief.  CBD Fountain specializes in these, as I was a massage therapist for many years and found relief for my own back when I created my body lotion and my Ski Bee Dee Salve.


Tip 4

  1. How much do I take?

This is one question we get all the time and it is the hardest for us to answer.  That is because there is still much to be studied about CBD.  However, it has been said that the average adult dose is 25 milligrams of CBD, for an edible. If you are bigger or smaller than the average adult, then your necessary dose might be different.  And in our experience, that does not apply for a topical, because people’s thresholds and issues are different. 

So, the tip for this is to test a product on yourself, start small and work your way up until you find relief.  Do not worry about taking too much!  In the patent for CBD owned by the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services (Patent 6,630,507), studies show that even at 700mg dosages per day, no toxic side effects were found:


‘No signs of toxicity or serious side effects have been observed following chronic administration of cannabidiol to healthy volunteers (Cunha et al., Pharmacology 21:175-185, 1980), even in large acute doses of 700 mg/day’



We hope these tips help you in deciding what products are right for you, your family and your pets and to avoid the CBD Mascara Effect!  We are always available to answer your questions about our products at